Robert KnauerRobert Knauer

Robert has a passion for helping executive organizational leaders make impactful business decisions. He does this by consolidating large amounts of financial data into meaningful maps that guides a business to success. He is noticed as a trusted business advisor in his organization and works to expand his knowledge with data analytics with SPSS. He currently works as a financial team lead in the industrial sector consolidating a portfolio of accounts reaching over $80M per year. He has previous experience as a financial analyst with IBM accounts such as Coca Cola and Delta Airlines.

Robert has contributed to transforming IBM finance with analytics. He has received the yellow belt certification in Lean Six Sigma, for his contribution to the automation of forecasts.

Roberts personal interests include a small car dealership he operates with his father, and the restoration of vintage muscle cars.

Renee MasonRenee Mason

Renee is a Software Developer at Mayo Clinic who enjoys solving complex abstract problems. She designs, develops and maintains highly customized databases for Mayo Clinic research. enjoys working closely with the doctors and other users to ensure the database is as functional and easy to use as possible. She formerly worked at IBM where she provided service to companies who ran their business on IBM iSeries server.  She is interested in technical management roles at Mayo Clinic.

Kristy MilleringKristy Millering

Kristy Millering is the financial analysis for Mayo Clinic and owner/founder of StarStruck Dance Studio.  She received her B.A. in Accounting from Augsburg College and is currently working on a M.B.A. through the Labowitz School of Business at University of Minnesota Duluth.  Kristy continues to successfully help medical investigators manage $25+M in grant revenue each year.  As the owner of StarStruck Dance Studio, Kristy set out to create a welcoming and fun environment for dancers young and old to learn a popular art form.  Kristy has recently received a dance teaching certification from the University of Nevada and Dance Teacher Web Live.

Chelsie PetersonChelsie Peterson

Chelsie Peterson is a thermal engineer at IBM and has been with IBM for 4 years. While at IBM she has transitioned from a manufacturing to mechanical engineering role.  She received her BS Mechanical Engineering & BA in business management  from University of St. Thomas and is currently finishing her first semester  University of Minnesota Duluth  for her MBA.

She is a self-driven engineer with 3+ years of manufacturing, product design and functional testing at a Fortune 100 company. Patent-recognized capability to apply engineering and business problem solving and thrive in both independent and team based environments. Seeking a challenging, position that utilizes engineering/business acumen at a company that provides long term opportunity for growth and development.

Yasmine RamirezYasmine Ramirez

Yasmine Ramirez is a CPA currently working as an Audit Manager at Mayo Clinic. Prior to Mayo, she was a Manager at Columbia University. She worked for Deloitte and Touche as an Audit Manager. She is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Minnesota Duluth. She has an interest in learning how adults learn and apply those concepts to her learning journey.


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