Dec 19: Presentations

Dec 19: Presentations

In this session, we will work through a process to rehearse, revise, and video record our final presentations. We will also take headshot photos and preview our video editing session.

Upload Presentation Drafts

Upload your presentation powerpoint draft to our Google Docs folder; see !FINAL PRESENTATIONS

NOTE: You can drag and drop to the folder or use the Upload button (this may be under the “New” button).


There’s your cue, the curfew is due.

It was the student’s duty to deliver the Tuesday newspaper.

He feels keen as he schemes and dreams.

Much of the flood comes under the hutch.

Boots and shoes lose newness soon.

Ruth was rude to the youthful recruit.

Vivid, livid, vivifying. Vivid experiences were lived vicariously.

Oddly, the ominous octopus remained calm.

The pod will rot if left on the rock.

Look, you could put your foot on the hood and push.

Nat nailed the new sign on the door of the diner.

Dale’s dad died in the stampede for gold.

Thoughtful thinkers think things through.

Engineer Ethelbert wrecked the express at the end of Elm Street.


Get mic’ed up and present the first 5 minutes of your presentation. Then, receive feedback on the essential criteria for effective presentation from your peers and instructor.

Evaluation and Feedback

1) Does the presenter talk clearly, loudly, and correctly (grammar)?

  • Analyze: pitch, volume, speed, tone, emphasis, enunciation, pronunciation
  • Avoid mumble-mouth and uptalk

2) Does the presenter speak without fillers (um, ah) or over-reliance on notes?   

  • Note fillers and other repetitively used parts of speech

3) Does the presenter employ effective eye contact and professional body language?      

  • Good posture: stable stance (feet at shoulder width), shoulders back, head held high
  • Eye contact: work the room in thirds
  • Hand gestures: hold hands above elbows in resting position
  • Motivated movement: using the “speaker triangle”; eyes, hands, body position, and walking are coordinated to coincide with shifts to a new idea in organization

4) Does the presenter create an enthusiastic, positive, sincere, and confident impression?        

  • Presence: confidence, enthusiasm, sincerity, friendliness

5) Is the presenter well-prepared and professionally attired

  • Well-prepared: practiced, polished, poised, purposeful
  • Professionally attired: professional, non-distracting clothing; avoid hats and hairstyles that obscure the face

6) Is the slide design attractive, visual, and concise?

  • Brief and memorable text?
  • Iconic, compelling images and graphics?
  • Effective slide composition: contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity
  • Effective theming: font scheme, color scheme, background, etc.

 Workshop and Photos

  • Write introduction and exchange with partner; see these guidelines:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Introduce speaker: name, title, headline/accomplishments (see bio)
    • Introduce talk: title and basic value proposition (see teaser)
    • Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome …
  • Revise your script/slides, practice body language, etc.
  • Get photos taken: see these guidelines

Lights, Camera, Action

Complete your presentation while the cameras roll. Each presenter will have 30 minutes to set up and deliver their presentation.

Keep in mind:

  • Relax!
  • The show must go on!
  • Relax!
  • Applause!
  • Applause!

Remember, if absolutely necessary we can do redos, overdubs, or remove flubs in post-editing.