Dec 5: Public Speaking

Dec 5: Public Speaking

In this session, we will continue to make progress on our research reports and to develop our written communication skills with through a series of workshops addressing revision, editing, and document design. We will also turn our attention to developing public speaking (oral communication) and presentation skills. And, we will continue our discussion and exploration of leadership skills with a focus on teamwork and collaboration.


Project Progress Report

Scrum/Agile: Daily Meetings and/or Stand Up Meetings

Progress Reports:

  • Background on project
  • Achievements since last report
  • Discussion of problems that have arisen
  • Discussion of work ahead
  • Assessment of objectives, schedule, budget

Major Projects to Address:

  • Informational Interviews
  • Research Reports
  • Multimedia Presentations


Research Report: Draft Workshop


Executive summary exercise

Suggested Messaging Pattern

  • What/Who – GRAB/VALUE
  • Why – Problem
  • How – Solution
  • What – CALL TO ACTION or ASK

Review and discuss drafts

  • Genre and audience analysis
  • Macro-level issues and report outline: headlines, introduction, problem statement/methodology, cases, call to action
  • Micro-level issues and information density
  • Next steps/goals

Research Report: Document Design Workshop

Review essential principles

  • Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
  • White Space, Chunking of Information
  • Heading Schemes and Font Basics
  • Design Features of Reports

Practice and tutorial

  • See examples and asset files
  • Working with text boxes, images, running headers, styles, column layouts, element properties, paragraph/spacing settings
  • Designing title page, main body, pull quotes, figures/tables, etc.


Teams and Collaboration

Discuss: experiences, challenges, successes, failures

Managing Teams

Motivation and Drive

Running Meetings


Oral Communication Skills

Improvisation Exercise

Impromptu Speech Exercise

Yale, R. (2014). Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.

Yale, R. (2014). Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.


Presentations and Visual Design

Storytelling and Slide Design Exercise