Dec 6: Slideshow Design

Dec 6: Slideshow Design

Teams and Collaboration

Running Meetings


Oral Communication Skills


Presentations and Visual Design

Storytelling and Slide Design Exercise

Create and deliver a hero story


Developing your Presentation

Example Outline

  • Oral Presentation: 10-15 minutes
  • Slideshow (powerpoint): Individual Title Slide and References/Credits
  • Teaser Abstract: 100-200 words

Preview (Introduction)

  • Hook/Attention-Getter
  • Position Statement (Value Proposition)
  • Overview

View (Body)

  • Main Idea: (PREP) Position, Reasons, Example, (re)Position
  • Main Idea: (HEAT) Headline, Example, Application, Take-Away
  • Main Idea: (How-to) Introduction, Steps/Stages, Result
  • Main Idea: Introduction, Example/Explanation, Application

Review (Conclusion):

  • Recap and Take-Aways (Benefits/Goals)
  • Call to Action

Storyboarding and Made to Stick


Research Report: Draft Workshop


Review and discuss drafts

  • Genre and audience analysis
  • Macro-level issues and report outline: headlines, introduction, problem statement/methodology, cases, call to action
  • Micro-level issues and information density
  • Next steps/goals