Weekend 3: Overview

Weekend 3: Overview

In the third unit of this course, we will continue work on written communication by completing and revising drafts of our research reports. We will also begin exploring presentations, storytelling, and multimedia communication.




Research Report Proposal Post

Research Report Draft

Complete an initial draft of your research report. Focus on effectively developing the essential message components of the report (audience, problem statement, cases/evidence, solutions/recommendations). You should share your draft as a Doc or Word file in our Google Drive.

Presentation Inspiration

Collect materials including information, stories, images, and other media that will inspire your TED-style talk. You will share this material in class as a part of brainstorming and project development session.


Meeting Agenda

Dec-5 Public Speaking Ch 5, 6, 7 Research paper draft
making ideas stick
Dec-6 Slideshow Design Articles TBA Storyboards for presentation
presentation zen

We will have two guest speakers for this session. On Friday, we will be joined by Amine Issa, a post-doctoral research fellow at Mayo. Amine will share his experiences and research into gaming and how it relates to decision-making, teamwork, and leadership. Saturday morning we will be joined by Frank Jaskulke, director of membership at Life Science Alley. He will share his perspectives on public speaking, presenting, and small group presentations.