Weekend 4: Overview

Weekend 4: Overview

In the fourth unit of course, we will bring to fruition our three major project for the semester: informational interviews, research reports, and formal presentations. Most of our session will be devoted to rehearsing, revising, and recording our formal presentation. Our ultimate goal will be to complete our professional communication portfolios on the course blog and publish to other outlets as appropriate.




For Wednesday, Dec 10th

  • Submit a Research Report Draft by email to receive instructor feedback

For Monday, Dec 15

  • Complete Presentation Draft including an outline/script and slideshow; request conference with instructor as necessary

For Friday, Dec 19th

  • Complete final Presentation Materials (slideshow and teaser abstract); rehearse and revise
  • Complete two Informational Interview Posts
  • Complete Final Research Report


Meeting Agenda 

Dec-19 Presentations App A, B, C Final presentation materials
body language
Dec-20 Portfolio Articles TBA Final research papers
multimedia design Informational Interview Posts

In our Weekend 4 session, we will rehearse, revise, and record our presentations. See the following preliminary schedule.


  • Rehearse Presentation: present and get feedback on your script, slides, and delivery
  • Revise Presentation: spend time improving and revising your script, slides, and delivery
  • Record Presentation: deliver your revised presentation with video recording


  • Create and edit final presentations video
  • Create final Research Report and Formal Presentations posts on course site
  • Revise and finalize bios and portfolio pages