Changing how we think

Daniel Pink turns the general consensus about motivation on its head in his video presentation titled “Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us”.

Daniel, offers a better approach to understanding motivation; he argues that autonomy, mastery and contribution/purpose are the primary motivators when it comes to complex tasks. The speaker engaged the audience with white board drawings and with an excited tone of voice. What made it compelling was showing the two most common factors about motivation and dispelling them with a new set of ideas in just a matter of minutes. The delivery was superior the drawings were entertaining and the speaker never lost my interest. From this video I learned how important it is to engage your audience especially with visuals

The second video I watched was by Barry Schwarts “The paradox of choice”.

Barry takes down our dogma, that our freedom of choice makes us happier and more productive. He engages the audience by showing how prevalent choice is today and shows us how problematic it can be. He engages the audience with personal examples. The talk is very compelling and the audience stays engaged hoping to find a solution. He outlines 4 reasons why choice makes us miserable before offering a solution. The audience then becomes relieved after being engaged in the problem for so long.

I think the presenter did an amazing job analyzing the problem, and making the audience itch for a solution while engaging them the whole time.