No more Bad Meeting

The overall presentation is about leading effective meetings and is broken into categories including General principles for all meetings, face to face meetings, virtual meetings and social media meetings. The topic I am speaking about are general ways to make meetings more effective. The audience will be introduced to a scenario where a manager has to lead a meeting and wants to know how to avoid some of the typical problems with meetings in order to run a successful one.

Bad meetings can be avoided if you understand what the problems are and attack them with the solutions provided. For each problem including, groupthink, lack of contribution, attention and poor listening, there are several strategies to counteract the problem.

From the start, the scenario will be introduced and it will describe the problems that our manager has faced in the past with meetings. These problems will then be categorized into three main problems that will be described in detail with examples. After this the possible solutions will be provided with examples that our manager could use.

The goal of this presentation is to learn how to lead effective meetings. The audience will understand common problems with meetings and know how to solve these problems, and run productive meetings.