Unlocking your career with the perfect KEYwords


People searching for the perfect job opurtunity only need to remember one thing, keywords! Keywords are the little secret that seem to bring the potential employee and future emploter together.

Take the time to imagine that you are the business seeking a new team member. What makes you put certain words in your ad? When considering the keywords found in employment seeking ads, I like to think of it as a checklist. After listing all the keywords you find in the ad, go through it and see what applies to you and your experience level. see how many keywords (preferences) you may have. If you add these words into your experiences and abilities they will stand out and show your potential employer that you are the employee they have been looking for! It will seem like you really managed to somehow read their mind, when really, all you had to do was read their ad!

As an Accounting major at UMD I am looking for any jobs and internships that will get my foot in the door. I don’t mind if I have to start off small as long as there is possibility for growth somewhere down the line. I would not even mind starting out in a field that is not accounting, as long as it is something in finance that will help me to develop related skills and connections.

At the very beginning of my search I was thinking that it was going to be a very simple task. I was surprised to  see how difficult it was to find the jobs that I felt I really wanted. I always thought that I did a decent job in the past when it came to selling my abilities to future employers but after researching keywords I realized how much I was selling myself short. This entire time I could have been using their own terminology to work in my advantage. Although, I must admit, I cold not have been doing that poorly when it came to picking my words because I have gotten every job I have ever applied for thus far.

By looking for keywords you notice that there are some abilities and characteristics are sought after by many different employers and also in many different fields. There are somethings that just simply stand out more than others! Examples of commonly found words:

  • Computer skill/ knowledge
  • Highly motivated
  • Honest
  • Team member
  • Communication
  • Degree
  • Attention to detail

The jobs I searched:

Accountant and Administrative Assistant (Duluth)


Must be experienced in Quickbooks, Microsoft Office Suite including Excel, payroll accounting, A/P, A/R, and monthly reports. Honesty and integrity is a must, with the ability to be an outgoing self starter. Four-year degree preferred

Accounting Assistant (Brainerd, MN )


Must be detail orientated and able to work independently. Applicants must be proficient in Excel, Word, and Outlook. Experience with Timberline accounting software preferred

Accounting/Finance Intern-


Finance Intern-


Internal Audit Intern-


Corporate Tax Summer Intern


Keyword List: Excel, Quickbooks, Motivated, Honest, Degree, Qualified, Experience, Microsoft Office and Communication.

Catagories of keywords: Communication, Team member, Ambitious, Self directed.