Interview Materials

It is very important to give a great first impression to recruiters in the job application process and an effective self-introduction helps a lot. It directly tells what kind of person you may be and whether you are qualifying for the job you are applying for. Studies discover that first impressions dominate even new experiences contradict. A self-introduction gives other people a great opportunity to get know you in a short time and it will highlights your attributes, showing your shining points. People are usually getting nervous in the interviews. When facing a lot pressure, it is easily to get lost. Preparing several stories that describe your qualifications would help to relax more and have a better performance in the interview.

Professional Self Introduction

My name is Jianli Yang and I am graduating with an accounting major from University of Minnesota Duluth in May 2014. I am currently seeking for an entry-level job in accounting field. Working under pressure is exciting and challenging, I am very efficient when certain pressure is exerted on the work because I am organized and a multi task person. Very interested in numbers, I am not only doing well in my major accounting, but also perform great in my minor in math. I am currently voluntary math tutor in UMD tutoring center. I have passion for accounting and what’s more important, I am always willing to learn more and to meet challenges.


S/TARS Examples

About two years ago, I got an opportunity to participate in a study abroad program in UMD. In order to be qualified, I needed to pass a language test which consists of four parts, listening, writing, communication and reading. After I had successfully passed it, I prepared all the documents required by UMD like transcript, translated course descriptions, application letters and mailed it to UMD. After I was admitted by UMD, I had to go to the U.S. embassy in another city, Beijing and went through the visa interview. Finally, I got my student visa, bought the air tickets and took a long flight here.

I am currently in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program which helps prepared tax return for low income people in the Duluth community. On my first shift, I had a client who was a master student and he has worked for several years before. He did not bring any files relating to his education expense with him. I interviewed him to get more information because I thought he might be eligible for an education credit. Finally, we did find an electronic document the university sent him which showed that he passed some amount of education expenses. After carefully examining, he did eligible for the lifetime learning credit for this 2013 tax return, which actually got him more than 300 dollars refund.

UMD tutoring center would send letters to some students and invite them to become a tutor. There is the reason for most tutors why they become tutors. I am different. I heard about we had a tutoring program here in UMD during the orientation week and I really want to become a tutor. But I did not receive any invitation letter. I know there are certain requirements to become a tutor but I think I am total qualified. So I stopped by Claudia, who is in charge of the tutoring center and expressed how much I would like to join the team. Then I had an interview with her and she exanimated my qualifications. Then I become a tutor.