Informational Interview

The main purpose of an informational interview is speaking with an experienced individual to gather and gain knowledge from an expert in the field. This is a great way to get a personalized feel for a business and what the real world is actually like outside of college.

The Contact

Nick Adams
Senior Category Manager
Best Buy Co. Inc.
Technology, Sales, Management, Accounting

Questions about the Contact

As a past employee at Best Buy Mobile, I have always been curious as to what it would be like to be responsible for a large company such as Best Buy. I wanted to interview Nick Adams who is  a senior category manager for Best Buy Co. Inc. The reason why I wanted to interview Nick was to see what it is like being responsible for hundreds of stores across the country and how accounting played a role for him in this company.

Could you please describe your education background and how important you think it is?

I attended Minnesota State University, Mankato for three years and never fully finished my college career. I think getting a proper education is a very important treat that shouldn’t be taken granted for. I wish I could have completed a degree, but I also am more than satisfied with my current position. I would have stayed in school, but I received job offers from within Best Buy that made me want to stay in the organization. I bounced around from working as a sales associate, lead associate, manager, and finally I ended up managing the western half of all Best Buy Mobile stores. I feel lucky and blessed to have received these opportunities, but who knows what college could have gotten me if I would have finished my degree.

How does accounting play a role in your career and Best Buy?

I began college as an accounting major, but never actually graduated with a degree. I do regret that in some ways, but I learned much more once I was out of college than I ever did in college. Although I am not an accountant, I am very good with numbers and computer programs which help a tremendous amount when managing numerous stores. I think the greatest skill a future accountant can learn either in school or in the workforce is computer skills. Especially with Microsoft Excel since it is commonly used in thousands of companies.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

I was very surprised that Nick was so open and honest during this interview. He hired me to work at Best Buy Mobile and I have always thought that he was a great business man. I was very surprised to hear that he didn’t finish college, but that just shows that a degree is not a guarantee for a job. He is a very personable individual and the way he communicates is definitely a large reason why he is so successful. He is very prompt, relatable, and overall a likable person.