Effective Global Business Communication

TItle: Global Business Communication Software

Name: Peter Wicker


The topic that I will be talking about is global business communication software.  Since we are presenting to a group of small to mid-sized business owners, I thought informing them on something like this would be beneficial.  I am going to get them engaged by reminding them that the world is getting smaller, and that companies are doing more business worldwide than ever before.

I will give my positioning statement and provide a value proposition basically, together.  My position is that these business owners should invest in some sort of global business communication software to expand their businesses.  The way I am going to generate interest, is that I will explain three major benefits of using these softwares, compared to the old way of doing business globally.  The users of these products are saving time and money, while increasing employee productivity.  I will give a detailed hypothetical example of a business situation in which global business communication software would be extremely helpful.

The outline of my presentation is pretty straight forward and simple.  I am going to begin by briefly introducing the concept of global business communication software as an intro.  Then I am going to give them my hook.  After I present them my hook, I will explain my position and provide benefits (value) to them, so they can understand why these products are beneficial.  After providing them with a value proposition, I am going to provide two different types of global communication software as examples.  I am going to briefly describe these examples and what features they provide.  After providing the audience with examples, I will give some customer testimonials about the two products that I used as examples.  Following the testimonials, I am going to give my conclusion.  In my conclusion, I am going to restate the problem, restate the benefits, restate my position, and give them a little hypothetical outcome of using these products.

The overall goal of this presentation is to inform the audience about the benefits of using global business communication software to communicate with clients and co-workers internationally, compared to traditional international business communication.  I also want to inform the audience about a couple products that many successful companies use to give them an example of features which these softwares provide.  If this were all real and I was actually presenting to a group of small to mid-sized business owners I would want them to be encouraged to purchase one of these and do more business internationally.



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