Last, But Certainly Not Least

TITLE: Following Up (Post Interview)

NAME: Austin Kuhn


  • My topic is about following up with future employers after an interview. This topic is often underlooked in real-life situations, which is why I think this is a great topic to present to the class.
  • This topic is important because everyone will be interviewed in the near future regardless if it pertains to their major or not. Following up with employers is a great way to generate more interest while also providing a good timeline for yourself in regards to their decision.
  • I.   Post Interview
    II.  Common Misconceptions
    II.  The Purpose of Following Up
    III. Methods of Following Up
    IV. Guidelines
    V.   Benefits
    VI.  Conclusion


  • The class will learn how to correctly follow up with employers after interviews as well as creative and unique ways to do so. They will learn benefits, guidelines, methods, and the purpose of the follow-up.


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