A Language Everyone Can Understand

  • What is the topic?

The topic of my presentation is body language.  I want to get the message across that you and everyone around you are communicating with other people without talking all the time.  For my hook I will tell the class a staggering fact about communication; only 7% of a conversation is conveyed through words, 39% is conveyed through the way (tone) you say those words, and that leaves 55% of all of communication is body language.


  • Why is it important?

It is important to know what good body language is and how to avoid bad body language because body language makes up about 55% of communication.  It is important because in the early years of our professions we meet new people on a daily basis whether it be a client, a boss, a potential client, or a mentee, and the biggest thing they are looking and listening for is your body language.


  • How is your presentation organized?

In my presentation I will start out with a few examples of bad body language and share some statistics as to why correct and positive body language is so important.  After I get everybody on the same page I will offer some suggestions to the class about good body language and how to fix poor body language.


  • What is the goal of the presentation?

The goal of this presentation is to inform the class about what body language is, how important it is, and how to have positive body language(especially in a business setting).