Interview Materials

Professional Self-Introduction

My name is Andrew Burke, and I am a Junior at the University of Minnesota Duluth pursuing a major in Finance and a minor in Economics. I am a strong believer that energy is everything. At any point in time, you are either giving energy to or taking energy out of a situation based on your attitude towards that situation. I like to keep a positive mentality and spread enthusiasm to people whether it be at work, in the classroom, or during recreational activities. Everyone has the option to wake up and make the day great and I do my best to take advantage of that opportunity daily.


S/TAR Examples

During my time as a server at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Resort, customer’s frequently had special requests upon ordering their meals. When a customer would ask me to make sure that no mushrooms were served with their steak, it was my duty to report back to the chef with the change in the traditional order. After the chef finished preparing the food, I would verify that the steak had no mushrooms before delivering the entrée back to the customer. Communication was key to a satisfied customer, and because I listened with the utmost attention to them, I was frequently tipped for my diligent work.

As a maintenance worker for the University of Minnesota Duluth, unique situations would consistently occur. Residents often times would have problems that involved their sinks not draining. These situations required myself to use discretion in making a decision. If I could not clear the drain using my given tools, I would have to report the problem to facilities management. Situations like this helped to develop my leadership skills. Whichever decision I made was relevant in how soon the resident could have an operating sink again. In my history as a maintenance worker, I have had to clear on average four sinks per week, and the number of sinks I report to facilities management is much lower because of my growing skill.

Aside from work experience, I also posses volunteer experience. The organization that I have volunteered with is UMD SERVE, and we have done many different activities. One activity I did volunteer work for was bell-ringing for Salvation Army. I would use my positive, soft people skills to greet shoppers at the local grocery store. They would walk by my group’s donation bucket and we would cheerfully ring bells and engage them in friendly conversations.By the end of our shift, we had managed to collect over $200 in the span of 4 hours.