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Designing strategic messaging maps

Anders, A. (2019, October). Human-centered design and strategic messaging maps: A leadership communication consulting case study. 84th Annual Association for Business Communication Conference. Detroit, MI.

This case study reports on a leadership communication consulting project completed for entrepreneurs of a small business. The project facilitated the creation of a strategic organizational vision and the design of a messaging map that communicated values in action through human-centered stories. Finally, a training session engaged employees in sharing stories and setting goals to pursue this leadership vision.

Communicating Vision and Values through Human-centric Design

Anders, A (2018, October). Communicating strategic vision at human scale: a research based model. 83rd Annual Association for Business Communication Conference. Miami, FL.

Communicating vision and values is a fundamental challenge for leaders in any organization. This presentation shares a research-based model for communicating strategic vision at human scale. Through an emphasis on persuasive storytelling and empathetic story listening, it offers techniques for achieving greater alignment across organizational levels and promoting connection and trust between an organization’s diverse stakeholders.

Exploring Cultural Diversity with Brainwriting and Post-It Notes

Anders, A (2017, October). Exploring Cultural Diversity with Brainwriting and Post-It Notes. 82nd Annual Association for Business Communication Conference. Dublin, Ireland.

This learning activity offers a creative approach to exploring cultural diversity. It is based on GLOBE’s cultural dimensions, but could be used with other frameworks. Participants are placed in small groups and asked to silently write examples of personal likes and dislikes on post-it notes for each cultural dimension. This brainwriting phase creates a space for individual thinking before shared group reflection. After the post-it notes are shared and discussed in small groups, they are posted on a wall to visualize the spectrum of cultural perspectives of the entire group. This exercise facilitates teachable moments by quickly generating concrete examples of cultural styles and preferences for discussion. And, it promotes reflection by illustrating how certain cultural styles may tend to dominate discussion in contrast to the full range of perspectives visualized by the final wall display.

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