Anders, Abram. Custom Learning Assessment and Student Feedback Applications with Google Apps Script. In A.H. Duin, E. Nater, & F. Anklesaria (Eds.), Cultivating Change in the Academy: 50+ Stories from the Digital Frontlines at the University of Minnesota in 2012. University of Minnesota.

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Abstract: The Google Apps for Education platform offers a wide range of tools and opportunities for pedagogical innovation. These services can be even further extended through the use of Google Apps Script to automate repetitive workflows across Google services. My chapter offers a case study and rationale for using apps scripts to facilitate assessment of student learning and to automate the creation of individualized student feedback reports.

The supporting materials below include a public Google Docs Collection hosting all the materials necessary for creating your own version of the custom assessment application in addition to a video overview, slideshow explaining the genesis of the application.

Copy and Use the Custom Feedback Application

The public Google Docs Collection hosts materials and instructions for creating your own version of the custom assessment application.

Video Overview (narrated slideshow):

Slideshow (a prezi presentation):