Anders, A. and Walton, A. (2022, March). Inclusive mentoring: self-directed and strengths-based methods for supporting graduate teaching assistants. 2022 CCCC Annual Convention. Virtual.

In this interactive session, participants will explore innovative methods used for a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) mentoring program. Our approach is based on “intentional change theory,” “compassionate coaching,” and “strength-based feedback” research which offer evidence-based approaches for promoting self-leadership and professional development. Participants will create self-directed learning plans for developing teaching skills based on a guided exploration of their ideal selves, strengths, and personal goals. Additionally, we’ll collaborative design mentoring case studies and communication strategies for compassionately coaching our colleagues. The facilitators will also briefly present reflections and research results from a study based on this methodology involving 3 cohorts of GTA mentees teaching in a first and second-year multimodal composition program.