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Networked learning boosts self-efficacy for social networking

Anders, A. D. (2018). Networked learning with professionals boosts students’ self-efficacy for social networking and professional development. Computers & Education, 127(December), 13–29. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.compedu.2018.08.009

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Abstract: Previous research has recognized that networked learning—including the use of social media, blogs, and learning communities—offers unique affordances for supporting the development of self-efficacy. However, additional research is needed to examine applications of networked learning that integrate professional contexts into academic learning experiences. The present study reports on an intervention in which networked learning was used to promote student self-efficacy for social networking and professional development. The learning design integrates three techniques: a focus on developing personal learning networks, a blog-based learning community, and mastery experiences for networking with professionals. The hypothesis was that networked learning among peers in the learning community would help support the gradual development of skills and confidence for social networking, while networking to learn with professionals would amplify the impact of mastery experiences on student self-efficacy. A study of 72 undergraduate business students found that the intervention led to significant gains in self-efficacy for social networking and professional development activities. Students also reported a greater likelihood of engaging in these activities in the following year. Finally, students perceived the learning experience as relevant for their lifelong learning and professional success.

A Model of Networked Learning for Self-Efficacy

Curation: Using Online Tools to Keep Track of Everything

ETW and PLN Workshop

As part of my work as Faculty Fellow of Online and Technology-Enhanced Learning at UMD, this semester I am leading a local cohort of the Educational Technology Workshop (ETW). The ETW is a six-week workshop series for UMN system faculty that explores emerging web tools and pedagogies.

For our second week, I prepared and led a Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) Workshop to help our participants explore the opportunities and challenges of networked learning. Through an engagement with the micro-blogging and social media service Twitter, the workshop demonstrates a series of key concepts for PLNs and social learning. Working with Twitter allowed us to leverage the “wealth” of our participant network and quickly learn about a range of new tools, interesting people, and information sources.

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