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Generative AI Creative Projects

As the academic landscape continually evolves, integrating cutting-edge technologies into learning experiences has become essential. In our experimental course, ENGL 222X: AI and Writing at Iowa State University, we explored this fascinating intersection, blending artificial intelligence with the art of writing and multimodal communication …

The core of our course was the final creative projects, a showcase of how students could apply AI in real-world contexts. Students were asked to identify an academic, professional, or personal challenge that they would like to address using AI and then develop a multimedia deliverable as part of the project using at least two distinct applications of generative AI technologies …


Ethics Colloquium: Generative AI and Higher Education

Generative AI and Higher Education | Slideshow

I was honored to present on generative artificial intelligence and higher education at the November 8th Provost’s Ethics Colloquium at Colorado State University. My keynote, “Generative AI and Higher Education: Ethics, Opportunities, and Emerging Applications,” focused on the ethical use of AI in academia.


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