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Re-envisioning collaborative learning research project

Service Dimension
Use google sites and docs to develop templates of group project sites and group project materials as well as disseminating How-to tutorials on the process structures that make use of these materials.

Institutional Study
Develop longitudinal study of google apps adoption, usage, and impact on teaching and learning in LSBE.  Instruments should place especial emphasis on changes in the development, implementation, and outcomes of collaborative, group, and team processes in curriculum.

Individual Pedagogical Innovation

Begin prototyping new version of the course with these features:

  • Professional Operations Infrastructure: course-site and work-processes based on social media, Web 2.0 style project management applications
  • Skills Development: Emphasis on transferrable, functional skills and learning how-to-learn (collaboration, problem-solving, communication (invention, audience-analysis, editing, presenting), project organization, work-processes, etc., etc.)
  • Team and Project Management: Multiple team and group structures producing a variety of deliverables on a series of overlapping project timelines (model complexity and cross-functionality of workplace interactions)
  • Genre-based composition techniques: Develop competence with a wide range of professional genres including employment communications (resumes, cover letters, follow-up letters), business correspondence (positive, negative, sales, and persuasive messages), oral presentations, multimedia presentations
  • Multimodal composition techniques: Develop familiarity with a wide range of writing contexts and tools including word processing, slide-based presentations, collaborative writing applications, software-based editing tools, face to face, video chat, visual/video media, etc., etc.
  • Ethical Technological Commons: Implementing principles and processes for open source and collaborative learning (constructivism, connectivism, learn through teaching, etc., etc.): Students will produce and consume collaboratively produce multimodal learning materials and modules on topics relevant to business communicators

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