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Collaborative Writing and Resumes

Anders, A. (2015). Flipping the composing process: Collaborative drafting and resume writing. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. SAGE Online First. doi:10.1177/2329490615602251 

Abstract: This article argues for a flipped learning approach to business and professional communication composing processes. Flipped learning sequences can scaffold more robust engagement with prewriting activities and support opportunities for in-class collaborative and facilitated drafting exercises. These types of learning experiences offer numerous pedagogical benefits, including more conscious control of messaging strategies and the development of more creative, rhetorically informed communication products. The effectiveness of this approach is explored through a case study of a flipped learning sequence and collaborative drafting workshop designed for an employment communication and résumé-writing assignment.

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“The code to writing an attention-grabbing resume, according to science” .

Building Better Resumes the Open Source Way

Whalen, D. Joel, Abram Anders, et al. “Selections From the ABC 2010 Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.” Business Communications Quarterly. 74.3 (2011): 356-372.

“Building Better Resumes the Open Source Way”: My favorite assignment applies open source production strategies and crowd sourcing principles to the task of creating better bullet points and skills descriptions for resumes and job applications. My assignment not only provides a novel and engaging interface for student learners, but also overcomes a traditional pedagogical challenge. Students often recognize the difference between “good” and “bad” examples, but struggle bridging the gap between the two in their own writing. By crowd sourcing the invention and revision processes the “open source way” interrupts single author inertia and helps students realize a wider range and more refined applications of the available means of persuasion.

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