Project Notes

Goal/Mission: Develop course modules and individual assignments that engage and take advantage of the LSBE alumni network; and, create and support engagement and community across the generations of LSBE students and graduates

Process Guidelines:

  • Learning should be directly practical and positively involve and impact local communities
  • Community-involved learning should have a low barrier of entry, specific pedagogical aims/content, and direct and immediate rewards for all stakeholders
  • Development should be iterative, aggregating, and sustainable

Timeline and Stages
for business communications curriculum development

Spring ’11: Introduce E-Professionalism Training
Students create LinkedIN accounts;
Learn social networking skills

Fall ’11: Alumni Networking Assignment
Students find and select participating alumni on LinkedIN;
Contact and interview over phone or Skype

Spring ’12 and Forward: Guest Speaker Event Projects
Students invite, promote, host, interview, capture, process, and publish;
Grow UBizcom materials to promote alumni success (profiles, interviews);
Grow UBizcom materials to share alumni wisdom (presentations, talks, tutorials)

Collaborative Learning Commons

Build UBizcom community site and learning archive; share materials with other outlets (alumni site, LSBE site, etc.)
Increase student and alumni interest, investment, and interaction: an ongoing and continually growing community of learners, teachers, professionals

Tools and Miscellaneous

UThink Blogs/Sites:
Hosting sites; publication/publicity

Google Apps:
Coordination, documentation, open scheduling for visiting professionals

Social networking, professional community connection