Preliminary Outline for a Grant-based Research Project?

Exigence: Demand for collaborative skills in workplace; Contexts for professional work are increasingly cross-functional, asynchronous, and socially networked; Adoption of Google Apps platform by the University of Minnesota system provides a unique opportunity for college-wide use and curriculum growth based in collaborative and socially networked production processes

Create OPEN Source Collaborative Learning Environments (OS-CLE) Archives:

  • Develop Google Docs template archives for instructors including word processor documents and survey forms (Assignment Sheets, Guidelines, Group Contracts, Team Building Exercises, Peer-review and Evaluation Forms, and  Assessment Forms/Procedures);
  • Develop Google Sites templates — for instructors: Collaborative-based course and individual project templates; for students: club/organization, group projects, individual learning environments / study portals;
  • Create Learning Modules on specific topics (Team Work, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Facilitation) and Tutorials for specific Tools (Youtube, LinkedIN, etc.)

Develop Collaborative Learning Research Program (CLRP):  Capture metrics on OS-CLE adoption and use by faculty and students; Assessment at all stages of deployment including user-based feedback for students and Faculty Assessment procedures for courses and assignments; ultimately, a longitudinal study of a sample of LSBE students from freshman year through 5 years out of school to measure the impact, value, and experience with collaborative work processes and infrastructures

For Further Invention: Consider potential research partners and project stakeholders (from UMD community, UM system, and beyond); Investigate best practices and programs of Higher Ed institutions using Google Apps; Perform literature review and seek advice/feedback on study design; Explore grant opportunities and/or potential funding sources