Check out this article about Google Apps at the U : UMNews : University of Minnesota. Here’s a couple quotes the used from me:

“When you can find ways to support students interacting meaningfully—which is not easy—but when you can achieve that, you reach an almost exponential growth in the quality of content and the specificity of the feedback they’re getting.”

“For example,” says Anders. “I set up (Google) chats while students are giving presentations. I’ll immediately ask students to give kudos—what is something this student did well? So they’ll give a presentation, sit down, and they’ll have 10 comments about things they did well. That kind of feedback, I think, is really a game changer for the levels of engagement and the kind of motivations needed for students to do well and improve.”

Read the full article for some interesting facts, figures, and perspectives on UMN’s use of Google Apps.