🚀 I am thrilled to announce that on July 1st, I started serving as the Interim Associate Director of the Student Innovation Center at Iowa State University! 🎉 https://sictr.iastate.edu/ Student Innovation Center – Iowa State University

In this role, I am dedicated to developing and delivering unique innovation programming opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and our alumni and industry stakeholders. Our mission is to help students engage real-world challenges and transform their innovative ideas into meaningful impacts.

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We’re committed to fostering skills like creative problem-solving, risk-taking, entrepreneurial thinking, and interdisciplinary collaboration—skills that can truly make a difference in today’s diverse and dynamic world.

This mission aligns with President Wintersteen’s vision to help all students “Innovate at Iowa State.” The goal is to build a vibrant culture of innovation across all seven colleges, integrating our center’s programming with university-wide initiatives for holistic growth. Our efforts build on a strong foundation—ISU has been recognized as 11th in The Princeton Review’s Undergraduate Entrepreneurship rankings two years running!

In collaboration with Pithan Executive Director of Innovation, James Oliver, and our talented leadership team, we’ll continue to build on our successful programs and develop new ones. From our Making 101 series, which introduces students to our state-of-the-art maker spaces, to the Student Innovation Fund Challenge, which fuels interdisciplinary student teams’ creativity, we offer a range of opportunities for students to get involved. And, all stakeholders can join us for our annual IGNITE Innovation Showcase—an incredible event that puts the spotlight on the innovative work happening across campus through displays, exhibitions, panels, presentations, receptions, and celebrations!

As an academic innovator and champion of transformative student learning experiences, I am eager to engage with our stakeholders to cultivate an environment that fosters and celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship. I am thrilled to continue my journey of learning, problem-solving, and leading in a university that so highly values creative thinking and collaborative effort.

I invite anyone interested in our mission to reach out—I’m always open to hearing your ideas, answering your questions, or exploring opportunities for collaboration.

Here’s to fostering an ecosystem of innovation, empowering our students, and co-creating the future at Iowa State! 

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